NYPSC through its affiliate organization is a Member Partner of a coalition of the world's largest and most respected public safety companies

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Public Safety Solutions

With shrinking budgets, law enforcement agencies are being asked to protect and serve now with fewer full-time officers per capita than 10 years ago.

Our public safety group delivers technology and services that stretch your safety reach. We close information gaps and solve operational shortcomings with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


All of our public safety solutions remain true to your mission and center on multiplying your operational efficiency. We have several broad service verticals that help enable your limited resources to address ever-expanding goals by using technology for force-multiplication to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your officers and... we always support your decisions...you control everything.

Information Aggregation

Most police departments have access to only about one-fifth of the information they need to make an informed decision. Our solutions serve as information aggregators, empowering officers at every level-no matter their rank or role-with the information access they need to make quick tactical and efficient decisions.



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The New York Public Safety Company  (NYPSC) and its affiliates are member partners of a coalition of the world's largest and most respected public safety companies


NYPSC can provide law enforcement personnel, agencies and departments direct access links to Law Enforcement technology, resources, and national criminal justice databases via Nlets, the International Justice and Public Safety Network.

NYPSC has joined forces with the most cutting-edge, innovative companies and integrated their capabilities into our Smart Solutions System to transform real time data into actionable intelligence for our member jurisdictions. Our system provides greater automated convenience and operational efficiency with a single streamlined interface collected and shared among jurisdictions and colleagues in the field, our Network Operations Center (NOC) and other management systems

NYPSC aims to help facilitate, integrate and support the mission of Public Safety and Law Enforcement jurisdictions throughout the great State of New York

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A comprehensive approach to

community safety

Access to available resources and force-optimizing technology can help you operate more efficiently and effectively improve community well-being.  We deliver tools and systems that can change dangerous behavior, highlight enforcement needs and improve operations so you can spend more time doing what you do best...serving the public!

Your primary goal is to protect the public and keep

them safe.